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Deep inside of us we still feel our aquatic origins. Some of us have been fortunate to find our connection to the ocean and can’t imagine ever being without it. Others have been far removed but feel the attraction. 

Sharks, orcas, whales and dolphins have become a symbol of our yearning for that pure state of being, to be so perfectly suited for the ocean environment. We admire their grace and are in awe of their power. And we are humbled by their presence when we meet them in the wild.

I believe that the fascination for the charismatic animals can be the most powerful fuel that will build greater care for the ocean. It is my mission to create opportunities for you, to find and express your connection, no matter where you live or what your background may be.

The range of ideas goes from adventures and personal experiences, to products that inspire your mind and that bring the beauty of the animals and the ocean into your home. This is only the beginning of an endeavor that will evolve with our collective desire to re connect to the sea.        

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Stefanie talks to a tiger shark 
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Consulting & Presentations

At Tigress Shark we have experts that can consult on policy issues, tourism development and advocacy. We also provide technical advice for film projects and script development. Our shark presentations cover many topics that can be tailored to your event. Consider us the agency for sharks. If you have an idea, we would love to help.    CONTACT US



Join the Guardians Community


If you want to become involved, want to help develop ideas and TAKE ACTION, join our Guardians of the Ocean community.

Together we can move mountains.


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ART & gifts

In this section we will feature, review and market products that bring our charismatic friends and their ocean realm closer to us.

Everything from educational eBooks and the coolest shirts to Christmas gifts and underwear.              COMING SOON



Non Profit Collaboration

We closely collaborate with Shark Allies, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of sharks & the ocean. A great place to get involved, to find information about shark research, conservation and interesting facts about sharks. 


Please support their work by donating and participating.

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Want to learn more about sharks

Sharks are fascinating creatures. Learn more about their biology, behavior, the threats they are facing and so much more on Shark Allies.org - Shark Info.

This resource will get vastly expanded in the next months, so make sure you sign up to the Shark Allies email list to be notified when new content is posted. 

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shark travel hotspots

Where does one go to find the best viewing conditions, the most sharks, the best operators? Where are the rare species of sharks? What are all the factors one should consider when planning shark diving adventures? Guidelines, tips, links, information, and everything else you might need to plan your shark encounter trips.   COMING SOON


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