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Stefanie Brendl
Stefanie with a Tiger shark behind the boat
Stefanie swimming with a Tiger shark

Stefanie Brendl

Shark Conservation / Advocacy / Film production

Stefanie has hundreds of hours of diving with sharks around the world. She pioneered ownership in a sustainable shark diving operation in Hawaii called Hawaii Shark Encounters. In recent years, her political work has put Stefanie on the forefront of shark conservation. She was a driving force behind the first shark fin trade ban in the Nation in Hawaii in 2010 and many of the subsequent fin bans in US States and Pacific Island Nations. 

Stefanie has been on the frontlines of some of the most far reaching shark conservation changes in the industry – and the globe. She worked as a team member or consultant for several other shark based NGOs and founded Shark Allies in 2007 in Hawaii, and in 2014 in California.  

For her accomplishments she was awarded the "Shark Guardian" Award in 2011, in Germany.

Stefanie is also the Executive Producer and cast member of Extinction Soup, a documentary about the devastating shark fin trade, and she has assisted in many other shark programs from documentaries, to reality TV shows and feature films. Tigress Shark LLC and the Guardians of the Oceans Program are her most recent endeavors.


Kinga Philipps with a Jellyfish
Kinga Philipps diving in the Caribbean
Kinga Philipps is most at home on the beach

Kinga Philipps

Media Production / Conservation / Film & TV host and production

From a young age, Kinga has always been interested in pushing her limits and making a difference. Never one to sit still, she has traveled the globe for the past decade rappelling, caving, surfing, diving, jumping out of airplanes and swimming with sharks as a writer, producer and on camera host for networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC, USA, AMC, Travel Channel, Fox Sports, Food Network, Current TV, Syfy and National Geographic. She has explored the world as a journalist reporting on intense subjects like police corruption in Mexico, gangs in LA, women in the sex trade, humanitarian and environmental causes and natural disasters.  Kinga is a contributor to several magazines, websites and content outlets and volunteers her free time to humanitarian and environmental organizations.