TRIP #1    Sept  4-9


Guadalupe Great Whites 

Get close to Great White Sharks and take part in shark conservation.

Featured Experts: Stefanie Brendl and Kinga Philipps




Get involved in shark conservation:

Throughout the trip, Stefanie Brendl, one of the leading shark advocates and conservationist, will present a curriculum of shark knowledge, and talk about important elements of shark conservation. As a group, we will discuss ideas to grow support for sharks world-wide. We will make sure that you leave this trip feeling enabled and excited about being a shark guardian. Shark advocacy work can be done on many levels. You will go home with tools that help you stay engaged, no matter how much or how little time you have to give.

Be part of the story:

As members of the inaugural women's great white shark dive we invite you to be part of the conservation conversation. Kinga Philipps, a 17 year veteran of the entertainment industry and a passionate conservationist, will be onboard the Horizon to tell YOUR story. A story showcasing the trend of female adventure travel, exploration, ocean advocacy and shark conservation. The door is open for you to participate as much or as little as you choose and share your perspective, your experience, your moments of awe...let your voice be heard. 


Why the emphasis on women-experts as leaders?

A large portion of the shark and animal advocacy world is driven by women. However, the louder voices featured in the media, especially in the adrenalin charged programs, are usually men. Times are changing. It is clear that we are not doing sharks a favor by hyping the fear factor. We no longer want to use sharks to boost people's coolness factor. What matters are the animals and using every opportunity to further conservation and protection of sharks. And if its women working on protecting sharks, then those women can best bring about a new era of shark diving.


The truth about shark diving


Shark diving has been portrayed as an adrenalin-charged activity that only crazy people would attempt.  It is so much more than that. Being in the presence of sharks exceeds most diver’s expectations - it is a meaningful experience that will affect you deeply. It is exciting, humbling and awe-inspiring all at once.
Sharing the water with sharks requires awareness,  a willingness to learn about sharks before you enter the water, and a certain amount of mental and physical fitness. These are qualities that men and women, old and young can acquire. It's your mindset that matters the most. All of this is made easier by having caged encounters. It takes away the most difficult elements.

If you have felt intimidated or think shark diving is one of those adventures you can only dream about, think again.  


Meeting sharks will change your life. Don't miss the opportunity of a lifetime.